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Payroll Services Structured to Meet Your Needs

Having a specialist take over payroll services for your company can save you both money and headaches. We will not require you to purchase a special time recording system or download software to monitor and record payroll time. We use Paychex - a trusted system used by thousands of businesses to administer payroll and assure payroll tax compliance.

You will be assigned a designated payroll representative, who will fully understand your business and its needs as they relate to the payroll process. The goal is to give you a payroll product that meets your unique needs at a reasonable cost.

The Paychex system features:

  • Your choice of paper payroll checks or direct deposit
  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic Insertion
  • Employee Earning Statements
  • Department and/or Store Summary Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Transfer of funds from your account for 941, 940, and State Tax payments
  • Withholding, SUI, Disability and Local Taxes
  • Deposits of Applicable Taxes
  • Garnishment Checks
  • Vacation and Sick Time Recording
  • W-3 Recap of Federal Withholding
  • Receive copies of all returns

Paychex will prepare and file:

  • 941 Quarterly Return
  • 940 Annual Return
  • State Wage Return
  • State Unemployment Quarterly Return
  • Local Tax Return (where applicable)
  • Employer Federal and State W-2s

When Paychex performs your payroll tasks, they enable your team to operate more efficiently and effectively. Their best-practice processes ensure your financial statements are accurate and timely. They provide complete support for all of the processes in our partnerships. Plus, Paychex assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of your payroll tax deposits and filings.